Mad Men Season 6, Episode 11: Screw Men, Get a Cat

First things first. There were a lot of runners-up for Quote of the Night this time around.

5. “I was comforting Mrs. Rosen. She was very upset. It’s very complicated,” was gold if only because it’s so classic Draper. Remember he used to say things like “Mrs. Draper’s working through some things?” when eyebrows raised at the fact that he and Betty weren’t living together? You can’t just cover up things like this with your BS, Don.

4. “Imagine if every time Ginger Rogers jumped in the air, Fred Astaire punched her in the face.” It’s just a great visual. I can’t not giggle.

3. “You were a sour little boy and you’re a sour little man. You’ll always be unloveable.” You tell ‘im, Mrs. C.

2. Not actually a quote, but Roger’s orange juggling made me laugh out loud. I want to believe that John Slattery got the part because juggling was on his resume and Weiner knew he’d need it at some point.

But the winner is…

1. “Don’t be an asshole, Don.” So sincere, succinct, and otherwise Ted-esque. How has no one else ever said this before?

ANYWAY, on to the actual plot. Ever since season 1, the office has been like a character on the show, and, like other characters that usually get a lot of screen time, when it doesn’t, it throws off the rhythm just a little bit.

What with all the “favors,” very little of the episode actually took place at SC&P; characters’ homes stole most of the action. Not just places that we’re used to like Don’s and Betty’s, but locations we don’t often get to see, like Ted’s house and Stan’s apartment, giving us rare glimpses into these characters’ private lives.

And let’s not forget The Great Mouse Caper at Peggy’s place. This was our first trip there since she broke up with Abe, and it was good to follow up that story line and see how she’s doing without him. In fact, this was a great episode all around for us Peggy fans. Finding out that she and Stand are call-in-the-middle-of-the-night-if-there’s-a-rat-in-your-house kind of friends, seeing how torn Ted is about what kind of juice woman he wants, and oh yeah, after four seasons of it shocking us how much it never happened, a reference to the fact that somewhere out there she and Pete have a child.

Meanwhile in Draperville, Don tries real hard for a minute there to do the right thing by a fellow human, only to completely screw things up all over again. So, business as usual.

A lot of recaps have been speculating about Don’s motivations for rekindling things with Sylvia even though he does seem to genuinely like Arnold. Does the answer lie in the fact that he doesn’t know how to have a relationship with a man that doesn’t involve competition over women? His mentor in high-rolling douchiness, Roger Sterling, hit on Betty at the height of what might have been called their friendship, but does it go back even further than that? Let’s not forget the unique brand of amiable-trust-turned-wife-annexing that was his relationship with The Real Don Draper.

And speaking of his rekindling with Sylvia, am I the only one who noticed how convenient it was that he was pretty much fully dressed for a quick getaway when Hurricane Sally hit? Maybe that’s why no one on this show seems to believe in foreplay.

With season 6 winding to a close, there’s only one question that still needs answering: What will poor Sally Draper walk in on next?

a. Glen Bishop and Sandy from the first episode embracing the culture of free love

b. Arnold and Megan evening the score

c. Bob Benson and Pete Campbell rubbing their knees together vigorously

Let me hear it in the comments section!



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