Mad Men Season 6, Episode 13: Am I the only one on Team Peggy?

I meant to write this when it was relevant. But I didn’t. Time got away from me. You know how it is. No one wants to read a Mad Men recap now. If you wanna talk AMC anti-heroes, everybody’s all about Walter White, not Don Draper this month. But you know what? I’m gonna write this anyway. Because it’s important. Because I have yet to read a recap that didn’t disturb me a little a bit. Because the fact that people see the show in so many different ways is part of what makes it great. And part of what makes it never stop being fun to talk about.

The other draw-back to waiting way too long to write this is, of course, the hilarity that is that notes I wrote for myself while watching it way back. I’ll make sense of the ones I can. There’s no time to go back and re-watch: I’ve got to get caught up on Breaking Bad before someone spoils the new season for me.

  • There was a lot of hullaballoo about Sally impersonating her mother with the fake name. I contend that that’s not what she’s doing. She’s simply trying to distance herself from the father she no longer trusts. Let’s not forget that her middle name is Elizabeth. She was using her middle name, not specifically because it’s also her mother’s first name. Anyway, no one calls her mother Elizabeth.
  • “The only unpardonable sin is believing God can’t forgive you.” That’s what the evangelist says to Uncle Mac in the flashback. Mad Men fans will never stop saying that maybe this time Don’s really gonna turn his life around…or is he? One can’t help but get a little meta and wonder if Don Draper’s god, Matthew Weiner, is giving the fans a hint that he’s going to give his creation a real shot at some sort of redemption next season.
  • When Don called Betty “Birdie” on the phone when she was upset about Sally, my heart got that confusing knife-twist-but-in-a-good-way-kind-of-until-you-think-about-it-too-hard feeling that was very similar to the feeling I got when they had their little summer camp backslide. It’s touching that he really does care about her, and for awhile there he did value the family that they had. But at the same time, the look Megan gets on her face when she hears him call he by the nickname, that’s when she knows they’re not going to California. Which brings us too…
  • Why the hell is everyone saying that Don’s somehow being unselfish or doing the right thing by letting Ted go to California? First of all, it’s (obviously) a hug slap in the face to Megan. Second of all, why kind Ted get his house in order without running away? Do his wife and children even want to go to California? And if he’s so in love with Peggy that his has to move his whole life across the country, is that really going to solve his problems? Maybe he’s just looking for something new because his relationship with his wife is deteriorating. Starting over in a new place with nothing familiar and no friends is not a good place for a rocky marriage to be. And…why does Don…I mean…oh this whole thing makes me so mad. If he is trying to be the good guy and save Ted’s marriage or whatever…why isn’t he looking out for Peggy? Certainly he has a better relationship with her than Ted. Shouldn’t he be on her side?
  • And when the partners fire Don and Joan says that Ted “feels confident he can oversee Peggy from LA?” Well then…um…isn’t that…not really a good thing?
  • When Peggy’s waiting for Ted to come in in the morning, thinking he’s gonna say he left his wife, but really he’s ending it…did anyone else notice that she’s wearing the same outfit she was wearing when they had their interview at the cafe when he offered her the job? Adorable! She probably did that on purpose. Oh Peggy. You poor thing. You just can’t catch a break can you?

I know there was more, but I think I pretty much hit the important parts. Rehashing all this made me sad. I’m gonna go have a Hershey bar.